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We’re a few weeks away from a Supreme Court decision on the PPACA, and the policy wonks and news readers have gone pretty silent on the issue. A big part of the issue is that nobody has a clue on how the Supremes will decide, and nobody wants to feel dumb a week later.
Therefore, may I offer a simple tool that we can all understand?  Here is a “Bracketology” tool that can simply explain what will happen for each of the combinations of 6 variables.  Click here for the link to the tool.

They’ve decided weeks ago, but have not shared their wisdom yet…




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Now, it starts to get interesting.  As defined in the PPACA, the rules for building and running an insurance exchange are emerging.  The Feds (aka the Department of Health and Human Services)  have released the first major guidance document.  Want a peek under the hood?  Here is their web page… http://tinyurl.com/5uayxyq or click here if your link isn’t working.

There are 2 states with Exchanges up and running – Massachusets and Utah.  I’m going to do some research into the Utah experiment and report back…

The dawn of the Exchanges

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The new normal has begun – and the first scraps of new ideas in delivering health insurance are emerging.

I spotted an interesting story from the Carolinas.   You can read it here.  They are setting up state-wide cooperatives to offer group buying of health insurance.  Exchanges, anyone?  Where many states are filing lawsuits to challenge the constitutionality of the new law, others are moving forward and getting new structures in place. 

This is a time where the early adopter has an advantage.  The first states to figure out the recipe for affordable health insurance will have a real competitive advantage.  Time to act!

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