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It’s never simple, is it?

With our President using the political football of health insurance reform as a lever to move the electorate, more misinformation is flying around our collective consciousness.   Like it or not, we are in the front lines of this war.

I think we all thought things would be settling down a little by now.  We thought that large employers would have to pay attention to as the ACA was launched, as the main focus was on getting the un-insured to get coverage.

Now that the ACA is threatened, the populace has finally started to read it.  And realize some basic things – for example, that the ACA and Obamacare are one and the same.  And that Ethics and Integrity are a handy thing for a government to have, and that it gets very painful, very quickly when they don’t have them.

Lessons are being learned…


I’m not sarcastic, just trying to be honest…


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