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Two days ago, our office manager decided the cracked trash bin on the 3rd floor was trash, and should be trashed itself.  It was placed in the hallway, and a note was attached…

Blog trash 1

That night, the cleaning crew did the obvious, and dutifully emptied the empty container and put it back in it’s normal spot.

This morning, the message was escalated.  The trash container has now been dragged to a prime spot next to the main trash can in the break room, and the note is a little more specific.

Blog trash

I’m willing to bet $$$ that vague communication will be misunderstood again tonight.  Any takers out there?

But, then again…

What if this is something more?  What if this is a “performance art” moment, styled after Rene Magritte, one of my favorite surrealists?  He would have painted the trash can and labeled it “This is not trash”.  You can see why I like him here.   Perhaps this is fine art, and not humor…

Or not.

We’ll see tomorrow.


No surprise.  The trash can was still there early on day 3.  The office manager was seen hauling the offending item to the dumpster.  Herself.

Lessons?  If you can’t communicate, nothing happens.  And art can appear in surprising places…


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