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Okay, this is obscure but personally satisfying.

"Cloud Gate" in Chicago

When I visit Chicago, I enjoy visiting “The Bean”, the sculpture in Millenium Park officially named “Cloud Gate”.  It distorts the skyline like a big fisheye lens.  Everyone takes pictures into the curved mirror, getting curvy building pictures.

In Chicago with family yesterday, I packed my fisheye lens which distorts straight lines into curved.  I pointed it at the curved image in the sculpture and the distortions cancelled each other out – but the lens curved the buildings at the edges.  Kind of a reverse “bizarro world” photo…

Okay, maybe it’s just for me.


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Hmm.  The weatherman predicts more mild weather and there is sunshine on the horizon.  What’s wrong?  Quite a bit.  I bought snow tires for the first time in my life and I WANT TO USE THEM.  I changed cars last year, and it came with a sporty set of normal wheels and a set of snow tires on zippy wheels that look like scandanavian snowflakes.  I wanted them, to make my occasional drives in blizzards to client calls more safe and reliable.

All I need now is snow.  We’re heading into spring and have had barely a sprinkle.  As cub fans say, “always next year…”

Fog, but no snow...this was from my drive to work last week.

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