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No, it’s not a metaphor or the title of a book…

So, a Turquoise Blue scooter spent two weeks in a prime parking spot in our office parking lot until yesterday.  Justice descended in the form of a very large and imposing tow truck, ordered to remove the offending vehicle.  The driver was clearly puzzled.

He said this was his smallest job, but the one that was giving him the most trouble.  His rig was designed for handling 4-heel vehicles in the 2 ton range.  This was neither. 

What happens when you use the wrong tool for the job...

The tow guy said his normal hookup time was around 5 minutes – “less if it’s a repo, and the owner may have a gun…”  He struggled with this for almost an hour, finally driving off with the offending Vespa trussed like a chicken on his pickup fork.
The lessons?
1. Small projects are often more problematic than big ones.
2. Use the right tool for the job. 
3. Learn to pick locks and just drive it to the impound yard – think outside the box…

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