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I confess that I’m a grammar junkie.  I proofread billboards as I drive and let servers know when menus are misprinted. 

So there I was in a waiting room yesterday, and there was a cookie warmer in the corner.  Nice.  I noted the big red warning sticker, and assumed it would say something like “Warning.  These cookies are warm”.  Not so.  In urgent capital letters, it said “Warning.  Intended for use with potentially non-hazardous foods only”   

Wow.  So, clearly, there are hazardous foods out there that take the shape of cookies?  Or, foods that have the potential to be hazardous?  Is this a part of OSHA?

Put me down as speechless on this one.  For a start, I think we need better critical thinking skills in the warning label writing department…

Vaguely threatening but makes no sense. Kind of like many of the federal regulations on HR.


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Every year I know that the string can’t continue.  I savor each SHRM National presentation, as I know that it will probably be my last.  Well, not this year…

Again this year, the envelope arrived and I assumed after 10 consecutive years of presentations I would be out of the lineup.  I braced myself for rejection when Barbara called and let me know the letter had arrived.  I took a deep breath as she read the opening line.  “Congratulations…”  I whooped and did a quick fist pump.

See you in Vegas, if you’re going…

To quote The King: "Viva las Vegas!"

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The new normal has begun – and the first scraps of new ideas in delivering health insurance are emerging.

I spotted an interesting story from the Carolinas.   You can read it here.  They are setting up state-wide cooperatives to offer group buying of health insurance.  Exchanges, anyone?  Where many states are filing lawsuits to challenge the constitutionality of the new law, others are moving forward and getting new structures in place. 

This is a time where the early adopter has an advantage.  The first states to figure out the recipe for affordable health insurance will have a real competitive advantage.  Time to act!

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Vote. Now.

If you can read  this and you have not voted, step away from the computer and go.  Now.  I don’t care for whom or why, just do it.  It is the patriotic thing to do…

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Answering the doorbell last night, I had a pleasant parade of Buzz Lightyear costumes and all sizes and types of the Disney princess.  Several groups of teens clearly beyond the “dressing up” stage appeared, and asked where the candy was.  I added a layer of personal accountability, and asked what their costumes were.  “We have masks, but we’re tired of wearing them.”  Ah. New rule – no mask, no treats. 

 The masks were produced, put on, and the candy bowl was offered – except for one kid  in a borrowed sport coat and a loud necktie.  ”  “I don’t need a mask – I represent health care reform.  My parents say that’s the scariest thing out there…”  The kid had me.  I chose not to debate him – but I was startled and saddened that reform had become a punch line.

When a brain surgeon carves a pumpkin, the result is anatomically correct... Ick.

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