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Rancic got an early start

Keynote speaker Bill Rancic presented a set of short stories this morning, all with a common theme –

  1. Have the ability to recognize an opportunity, and the willingness to seize it.
  2. When you get a chance, make your 5 minutes count.
  3. Adapt and flex as the world changes.
  4. Go in with a good strategy.

Bill tells good short stories about business.

He talked about his marathon strategy – set little goals along the way, but have the overwhelming goal be the 26 mile race.  Set the big goal, but have the short term goals.

  1. Practical execution – get the job done.  Most people just talk.
  2. It’s about agility – change up your game plan.  You have to do it every day.  Those who can adapt to the new world can win. 
  3. Taking managed risks

The reason he was the winner in the final competition on Apprentice was that he changed his management style for the final challenge, and his competitor didn’t change to a more controlling style.  Omarossa got him.

One final point – he talked about fear.  He noted that when someone is born, they only have two innate fears – the fear of falling, and a fear of loud noises.  All other fears are learned.  He asked what have we NOT done because we have been afraid of failure.  He then challenged us to be the conductor of the orchestra that is our lives.  Very nice.  A great lesson in management. 

His book is Beyond the Lemonade Stand, his web site is www.billrancic.com


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The labels are true…

At conferences, attendees often attach ribbons to the bottom of their name tag.  I have noticed two trends.  First, while everyone used to have one or two ribbons, the groups have bifurcated into two camps.  Either no ribbons, or all the ribbons they can find that express an opinion.

This guy is telling the truth

Second, I have been reading them.  They have been shifting from just being a badge of status (SPHR, Member, etc) to an indication of emotional state.  Kind of a mood ring.

Here is my proposal.  The next time we all go to a conference, leave the badge on.  For weeks. For ever.  In our fast paced world, would’t it be nice if we knew who everyone is, what they do, and what their emotional state is…

Just an idea.

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Win “The Apprentice” and you become a rock star.  The business generalist is the opening speaker, and the line at his table for photos is huge…

Ohmygodit's BillRancicI'myourbiggestfan...


The first question asked him – “Is Donald Trump’s hair real?”

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Bad Wellness Idea #32

Was at the Health Underwriter’s Meeting this morning, and picked up a trade show giveaway.  Back at my desk and I realized that it is either really brilliant, or really stupid…not sure which.

Wow. I salute the big brain that thought this one up…

It appears to be a potato chip bag closer thingie that has a calorie counter built in.  Perhaps it’s for a health conscious OCD type – calculating the number of steps for each chip eaten.  By my math, it appears 20 steps per chip.

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I’ll be your correspondent at the 2010 New York State SHRM conference next Sunday/Monday/Tuesday, so feel free to look over my shoulder as I attend and report.  Let me know if there are any special topics that I should pay attention to – just comment back to this post…

Any idea what movie this photo is from?

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The office candy bowl has been replaced with fruit.  Yay!  One of the many reasons I like where I work is that we actually walk the talk in Wellness – and are pushing the envelope all of the time.  The common snack food has been upgraded.

"Call any vegetable. Call it by name" - F. Zappa

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