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Big turnout for the pre-conference legal update.  Proof that if you want to gather an HR group, offer them some inexpensive legal advice.  I’m just saying.

Making order from the chaos in a very sincere necktie


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I know that size doesn’t matter, but State SHRM just announced that they have the most attendees ever.  Proof of 2 things – the economy is improving to the point that expense accounts are recovering, that HR continues to grow in importance, and that nobody understands the finesse needed to implement Health Insurance Reform. 

OK, that was 3.  But the growth is real, both in the importance of HR in turbulent times, and in the importance the SHRM conference holds in people’s lives.  As the crowds gathered for the pre-opening opening session at the Westin, the crowd was upbeat and looking forward to it all.

An expectant hush falls over the crowd…

Before the opening legal conference, this year has  the workforce and talent development team from Clarian Health (Soon to be renamed IU Medical).  This is a strategic session on how they faced workforce and talent development challenges as they evolved.  They explained why and how they united their decentralized training and education units into a cohesive whole.

In the session, they covered education priorities, lessons learned is supporting education, and meeting the needs of the workforce. 
For example, they clarified the main causes of learning failure.  I was surprised that the largest number by far was the environment that the learning is applied in.  70% of the failures were blamed on not getting the manager’s or the peer’s support, or that there was no feedback or coaching, or that there was no incentive to use the training.  What a waste.  Only 10% of failures were blamed on the learning event itself, and 20% on a lack of preparation.
It was good to see such a strategic session kicking the conference off.  More details to follow.  Looking forward. to it.

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