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Want a do-over?  I’m posting this at noon on the midpoint of the year, July 1. 

I propose a new global holiday, exactly halfway through the year.  A day for reflection, atonement (if necessary) and redirection.  A day, simply put, to decide if you want to continue with the current year or to scrap it all and start fresh.  A clean sheet of paper is very therapeutic.

My new half year’s resolutions are in place.  What are yours?

This is a photo I took of South Pass, Wyoming - the halfway point of the California Trail. Many considered it a point of no return...


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Remember the  39% Wellpoint proposed premium increase that helped get health insurance reform back in play?  The company said they made some errors in calculating their projected losses and pulled the proposed increase.  We never heard about it again, until now.

I’m out here in CA for the conference, and saw the follow up story in the paper.  Not sure if this got much play anywhere else.  Read the article here.  Interesting that they admit they got the premium calculations wrong…

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